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The Longest Ash 2023

The Longest Ash 2023

Along with the main event there was held The Longest Ash championship, on 28th and 29th of April, this year. The Longest Ash is a traditional event among cigar lovers, during which a contest takes place, and the winner receives a gift from the sponsors of the event.

This year, The Longest Ash cigar club organized the CSWC international competition, which was held in Armenia for the first time. Participants were the winners of the Armenian The Longest Ash tournament, who took the first, second, and third positions during last championships․ There were nine participants who were already participating in the competition in accordance with the rules of the CSWC international tournament. The winner was David Ter-Gulanyan, who smoked the cigar for the longest time in accordance with the CSWC rules. He will go to Croatia to participate in the international competition. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Avenue marketing & events.

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